Women’s Torah Project Siyyum Experience

From October 14 – 16th 2010, the Women’s Torah Project was completed.  Over the weekend, many of the scribes, artists and community leaders gathered to write the final letters, sew the panels together, and read from the Torah for the first time.  As the artist who created the crown for this historic Torah I felt honored to have been a part of getting the word out about the project for years, and for embellishing it.  The weekend was filled with happy moments, a sense of accomplishment, relief even, and a renewed sense of inspiration insued.  As the weekend drew to a close, I felt as though we had been through something important together and that we had bonded like a family.  I treasured every moment of the Siyyum and would like to share a few choice photos and memories with you.

The first day, my son Kaleb and I helped sew together a panel with soferet Rachel Reinhardt from Sao Paulo Brazil.

Here’s the letter I helped write– the final shin, in the Torah in the word Yisroel (Israel.)

I created this pomegranate aliyah place holder in red bronze for the siyyum.

Here’s the momentus moment when the project leader Wendy Graff sews the final panel together.

Here the women are attaching the Torah scrolls to the handles.

The Rimonim (Torah Crowns) placed on the Torah for the very first time!

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