Top 3 Jewish Teachings that Heal The World

Spiritual People of the World:  whether you are Jewish or not,  adopt these teachings from Judaism into your lives and the world will heal.   Bear in mind that you can use these teachings,  you DO NOT have to denounce your own religion or convert to benefit from these.  You may use Judaism as a MODEL– take the teaching and adopt its message into your life.  If enough people do this, the world will change for the better.  Please click the links below to explore the teachings.

1.)   Imbue the home with Nurturing:  The MEZUZAH

2.)   Infuse the world with Justice by Giving TZEDAKAH

3.)   Give yourselves and loved ones Grief Rituals though SHIVA, SHLOSHIM and YAHRZET.

If you want to study Jewish Law– please visit your local Chabad chapter or check  If you are looking for an egalitarian, and more universal Jewish community to connect with, I would search for Reform, Renewal, or Reconstructionist Jewish Communities in your area.  You can also talk to me directly– send me an email to get started.

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