Hand In Hand K-12

Hand in Hand Mezuzah – “In the Name of G-d”

Hand in Hand K-12 are centers for Arab-Jewish education in Israel. Deeply inspired by their mission to create a shared society in Israel, I wanted to create a mezuzah case that would reflect their interfaith advocacy and be of benefit to their schools.

I asked Islamic artist Nabeela Sajjad— if she would provide some of her stunning Arabic calligraphy for the piece. She donated three versions and I picked the one stating “In the Name of G-d.” So many horrible atrocities happen in the name of G-d, that I wanted this piece to be about drawing attention to the people here and now who are healing those wounds.

According to Nabeela, “As Muslims, whatever we may do, we intend to do with the sincerity of pleasing Allah (God). So my prayer is that this project that I am a part of bring peace and well-being to wherever it reaches and may God be pleased with us.“

My husband David Casella contributed to this project by suggesting I pierce out the Arabic calligraphy (in negative space) so that the Hebrew on the Torah scroll inside the case may be visible through the Arabic calligraphy.

I have donated a mezuzah case with kosher scroll to each of the five schools in Israel. 10% of sales of this piece will benefit Hand in Hand K -12. Each mezuzah will come with information about the schools. Stay tuned for a blog post with more information.