One Clip at a Time

One Clip at a Time is a nonprofit organization based in Chattanooga, Tennessee that has created an engaging and interactive service learning program and accompanying educator’s kit designed to motivate and empower students in 5th grade or above. The movement is an outgrowth of the “Paper Clips Project”, which brought worldwide attention to Whitwell, Tennessee after it was captured in the award-winning film, Paper Clips. Throughout the course of the program, students learn the history of the tragedy of the Holocaust and develop an awareness of the impact it had on the world. Students then discover ways to make positive changes in their own classrooms and communities and are encouraged to continually make a difference. I was honored to create the One Clip Pin pendant. A donation of $250 or more entitles the donor to this hand-crafted, sterling silver One Clip pin/pendant. One Clip educators can receive the pin for a donation of $100 or more. To order visit: