Women’s Torah Project

The Women’s Torah Project is the first sefer Torah scribed by women from around the world. Kadima in Seattle, a reconstructionist congregation made this dream a reality. I had the honor of creating the crown for this Torah. We also sewed the panels together (siyyum) as a community– another first.

Copper, Silver, 22K Gold, Brown Diamond


I designed crowns to reflect the bold new direction taken by the Women’s Torah Project, which opens the door for women to break the time-honored tradition that allows only men to scribe the Torah. These Torah adornments combine the best of tradition. Starting with the pomegranate, the sacred Shiv’at Ha-Minim , it is mentioned in Exodus as the symbol of both righteousness and fruitfulness. Here, I convey them in warm earth tone materials – copper and a brown diamond, accented with silver and 22k gold. At the same time I have created a clean, purposeful and sculptural design which is intentionally contemporary and reflective of the dialogue evoked by the Project. In my own life, as a grandchild of Holocaust survivors, and full time metal artist, I have devoted my artistic career to making Judaica that will preserve, illuminate and share Jewish traditions while honoring women building pathways to new and exciting futures. View the article in the San Francisco Chronicle.