Hamsa Shin Heart Silver Earrings with Garnet and Amethyst


Hamsa Shin Heart Earrings Pewter in Sterling silver with garnet and amethyst are beautiful, symbolic and super easy to wear. The jewel tones and oxidized silver go with everything from dress-up to comfortable and casual. The Hamsa, is symbolic of Arabic word for “hand”– meaning Hand of God. The hebrew letter Shin emphasizes the protective and spiritual symbolism to this popular charm– which stands for Shaddai– God’s protection, Shalom– peace, Shema– to hear in your Heart and Shekkina– the feminine presence of God. I like mixing the Hebrew with the Arabic because it reminds me that we are all one. This piece makes a great Bat-Mitzvah or Mother’s Day gift.  Overall earring length is 2.25″.  Each individual hand measures about 1″ x .75″.



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