Kabbalah Necklace – Unconditional Love


This Kabbalah necklace was inspired by and created for The Kabbalah Centre. These three Hebrew letters in sequence comprise one of ‘The 72 Names of God’. The Kabbalah Centre is attributed with making the 72 Names of God relevant to the modern world. The 72 Names chart comes from the Zohar, the source text of Kabbalah. The Zohar explains that each sequence or Name in the chart as well as the chart as a whole, is an instrument that assists us to tap into a current of spiritual energy. By visualizing the three letter ‘Name’ in meditation one can draw unique aspects of God’s emanation into our soul. In this case the letters hay-hay-ayin name is considered a conduit for Unconditional Love. 10% of the retail price is paid to The Kabbalah Centre.  The outer dimensions of this piece is about 1 ” x 1″.

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Weight 0.5000 lbs
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16", 18"



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