Tallis Clips: Shin Tree of Life


Does your Tallis seem to slip off your shoulders?  Are you looking for an elegant and beautiful way to keep your prayer shawl in place?  Do you want a spiritual, beautiful, meaningful and functional gift to give a loved one?  These high quality Shin Tree of Life Tallis Clips may be the perfect gift.  Suitable for males, females, young and old, bar and bat mitzvah gifts, special birthdays, conversion or coming of age– they are sure to be treasured.   The Hebrew letter Shin is depicted in the branches.  Shin represents Shaddai– the nurturing aspect of G-d, Shalom – peace, Shekkinah- the feminine aspect of G-d and S’hma– to hear in your heart.  Of course the Tree of Life symbolizes the cycle of life and also, Torah– our ancient, sacred book of wisdom and lessons.  They are made of solid red bronze with a copper chain.  Each pair are hand cast, finished, assembled and are given a warm rich patina.  The chain measures about 5″ long.  The clips in back have a bronze finish as well.  Each tree element measures about 1 1/2″ x 1 1/4″ They can be special ordered in sterling silver, or even gold with added gemstones, like birthstones, or stones that match the Tallis.  Please contact me directly at 415-682-7128 or [email protected] for custom orders.  We strive to keep them in stock, but these may take up to four weeks for delivery.

10% from the sale of these Tallis Clips will benefit the victims of the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA.

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