Temple Isaiah

The Temple Isaiah (Lafayette, CA) Commemorative “Infinity Shin” Mezuzah was created in honor of the retirement of Rabbi Judy Shanks.  Rabbi Shanks is a wise and kind person, who has supported my efforts in creating more beauty, peace and understanding in the world.   Limited edition, cast pewter replicas are offered to the congregation for sale as a fundraiser for the temple.  These meaningful pieces, cast in pewter,  will be offered for sale to the public for $72 which will include a 10% donation to Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, in honor of Rabbi Shanks, beginning in 2019.

Here are Rabbi Judy Shanks’ remarks upon receiving the mezuzah:  “I am so grateful to our Temple Isaiah community for turning once again to Aimee Golant for artistic and spiritual inspiration.  And once again she created for us a ritual object that links us in great beauty to Jewish tradition, to our special synagogue community, and to the voice of women enhancing Judaism for all the generations to come.  Thank you Aimee for this unique and beautiful honor as I retire from Temple Isaiah.”

To learn more about this piece, please visit my blog post.