Recycled metals, sustainable, locally sourced materials are used whenever possible.

My Vision

When I started metal smithing, it felt like I took the tools out of my back pocket. It felt right. Clearly this was something I was meant to do—all the time. I was using my grandparents’ story of survival for a paper in a university class on the Holocaust and Genocide, when my grandfather started giving me his tools….

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My Blog


Passover: Freedom and Justice For All

Every year before the Passover Seder, my Holocaust survivor grandmother would say, “Once we were slaves.  Now we are free.  Every day I live is a victory over Nazi brutality.” As a child this holiday meant so much to me. Today, we continue to honor her and all those who are not free not just by celebrating Passover, but by…


Temple Isaiah – Infinity Shin Mezuzah

The Temple Isaiah (Lafayette, CA) Commemorative “Infinity Shin” Mezuzah was created in honor of the retirement of Rabbi Judy Shanks.  Rabbi Shanks is a wise and kind person, who has supported my efforts in creating more beauty, peace and understanding in the world.  I am grateful to her and wanted to help honor her in her retirement.  This collaborative piece…


Extraordinary Jewish Woman Series

I am very excited to tell you about a FREE online interview series that I am participating in, Extraordinary Jewish Woman: How to Live a Purpose-Filled Passionate Life Rooted in Jewish Values. I am joined with 20 other women who are participating in this inspiring and impactful series.  You can hear my interview  March 12th – 16th, 2018. In this…


Make Your Own Mezuzah Workshop

Whether you are a beginner or experienced metalsmith this project is spiritual, fun and fulfilling!  We offer workshops for kids, teens, and adults.  This workshop takes place in our San Francisco metal arts studio in the Oceanview District. To sign up, check availability or for questions, call Aimee at 415-682-7128 or email Brandeis Kids Workshop on March 13, 2018…



Tu B’Shevat – NOT TRUMP! Why not take a walk outside tonight rather than watch the State of the Union Address? Join me in celebrating what grounds us and brings true gratitude to life. Open your heart to our responsibility to take care of the earth. These are some of the things that this holiday reminds us to do. Anyone…

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