6 Steps to Commissioning Original, Custom Artworks for your Home or Public Space from Aimee Golant

To my Dear Clients– commissioned work is different than a previously created piece in so many ways. A commissioned piece is a creative partnership between the artist and the client. This process is creative, original, dynamic and involves more in-depth discussions. The costs are greater, but then so is the value. Bear in mind, that what is created is original art. Therefore, in order to help make the relationship successful for both of us, I have outlined a six-step process for our collaboration and the commission.

1.) Meeting over the phone, or in person (in our studio or on site– local) — up to 1 hour consultation— no charge.

– This will give us an opportunity to get to know one another; the client may also view samples of my work, proposed finishes etc.
– The client gets to express their vision for the piece(s).
– It will give me a chance to share my design expertise and feedback.
– We leave with a good idea of whether or not we want to work together, what the pieces are for, what they will look like, and how long the project will take to
complete, what is the client’s budget and whether that budget is realistic for the proposed pieces.

2.) Project Design & Drawings.

– For value I provide by envisioning your custom piece(s), for narrowing down a million design possibilities, and for the careful thought and consideration that goes into an accurate price quote and contract, there is a non-refundable pre-contract signing retainer of $550 due at this time. -This will be later subtracted from the total cost of the artwork(s).
– Sketches are usually  produced in pencil, scanned and emailed to the client. Once those are approved, 3/4 view and back view sketches will be produced. This generally takes 10 business days. Cost varies given the level of detail and the type of rendering file needed.
– A follow-up meeting onsite may be scheduled (if needed) to determine final scale of the pieces and make paper templates.
– And once the design(s) are approved, if needed/requested, handmade,
custom copper mock-ups or finishing samples can be created for you. $50 per hour plus shipping cost.

3.) Price Quote and Contract Review.

– A significant amount of time, thought and careful consideration goes into
creating an accurate price quote and a contract tailored to your specific needs.
– The quote and contract will describe all parts of the project in detail, including metal gauge, techniques used, finishing processes, payment schedule, delivery, installation etc.
– You will have the time you need to look over the contract carefully. Client and artist may make adjustments to the contract as necessary before signing.

4.) Contract and Deposit.

– Contract may be signed in person or via email.
– Deposits are paid upon signing of the contract via personal check or cash, credit cards may be accepted if the client covers the 3.5% fee.
– Depending on our contract 50% of overall cost of the artwork(s) will be
collected at that time.
-Once I receive the deposit I will send confirmation to you, order the materials and get to work.

5.) Progress and Visuals.

– As your piece(s) are being created you will receive periodic updates and progress pictures to enjoy.
– If the contract stipulates a payment 1/3 of the way through, clients will receive pictures of the piece(s) and an invoice.

6.) Project Completion.

– Once the piece(s) are done you will receive notification through email with accompanying pictures.

– Depending on your contract, you will either pick up the piece(s) or I will deliver them to you. Installation of the piece(s) is also determined on the contract.

-Final payment is due at that time.

– Enjoy your new art work! 🙂