Art for Prayer and Peace: A Bridge to Oneness

Would you like to see Judaism more accessible to a wider audience?

By supporting this project, that is what you’ll help accomplish.


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This art creates spiritual connection, hope, and healing by uniting people though religious and ritual art.

This proposed interactive and evocative exhibit, according to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, “has potential for contributing to religious harmony and peace.” His Holiness Pope Francis appreciated the “devoted sentiments which prompted this thoughtful presentation…and sends his blessing.” Rabbi Danny Gottlieb of Congregation Beth Israel Judea in San Francisco states that it “successfully bridges the teachings of the Jewish faith with that of other religions.” It is inspired by the universality of diverse religious concepts expressed mostly by sounds that I have experienced through travel and study. This collection of spiritual objects in a unified space allows me to impart that deep sense of divinity revealed. To support the creation of this art installation experience– Donate Now!

Your next donation will support the creation of the Torah Finials below.  They will be sterling silver and 23K gold leaf.  A fully functional copper and gold mock up will also be created as part of the fundraising goal.  We have raised over 79% of the money needed to create these pieces.  Please contribute, so that this important work can continue.

Donate Now!

Here are some images of the work that is finished and can be put on display with educational programs.  Email me or call 415-533-2433  exhibition and program  information.