Metal Safety

I love using red bronze in my work because it is such a warm, rich metal.  I think the Judaica and jewelry are enhanced by the look of the material.  The white bronze looks a lot like silver, but has a lower cost.  This makes my work more accessible.  That’s important too.  Some people may find that wearing red bronze, yellow brass, white bronze or copper makes their skin discolor– or turn green.  Usually this does not cause irritation, and can be easily washed off.  However, it is not unusual for some people to have an allergic reaction to some of the metals in these alloys.

If you are at all concerned about wearing these metals, please refrain from buying them– as I would not want anything I make to cause anyone harm.  Please see our return policy— if you buy something in bronze, but react to it– you have a week to return it.  If you are not sure, but want to learn more, please click here to read this tremendously informative article about metal safety from a trusted source.  See below for the metal alloys I am using to know what is in the artwork that you may be purchasing:

Red Bronze Alloy:
Copper       94.70%
Iron                .12%
Silicon          3.94%
Manganese    1.20%

White Bronze Alloy:
Copper     59.80%
Tin               .30%
Lead             .60%
Zinc          21.10%
Iron               .10%
Nickel           5.50%
Aluminum     1.37%
Manganese   11.2%

When I noticed that there is a tiny amount of lead in the white bronze alloy, I got a little nervous– as this is a confirmed “bad” metal.  So, I asked my caster what his thoughts are on working with the material and using it for jewelry.  He remarked,  “It’s a tough call because it is there. I do however make plenty of jewelry items in this alloy for other accounts. I once asked my supplier their thoughts on this. And they said it’s such a small amount, and it more or less acts as a flux that burns off during the melt.”  So, I will continue to offer the white bronze as a less expensive alternative to silver, white gold or platinum.  But please take caution, if you are at all sensitive.

As always, thank you for supporting my artwork and enjoying it for yourself or gifts for loved ones!