A Day in the Studio – Handmade Silver and Gold Jewelry

Today was one of those lucky days when I remembered to sieze the moment.  The morning began unceremoniously — I was doing inventory and packing boxes to my upcoming show and speaking engagmement at the NewCAJE6 Conference: Re-inventing Jewish Education for the 21st Century— when I suddenly realized today is one of those days that I could have uninterupted time in the studio.  I am so used to having my days being tightly regemented– sometimes working with the bookkeeper, the graphic designer, my summer intern, handfuls of contractors, deadlines for commission work, teaching classes either privately or at SF Waldorf High School, plus child rearing and being a spouse to my devoted and loving husband, that a full day in the studio– uniterrupted– is somewhat of a miracle.


I decided that today was going to be one of those days.  I was going to follow my creative impuses and not make anything I should make.  I would only make what I felt like.  Today I wanted to use some of my most beautiful gem stones, I wanted to use 22K Gold and silver and I wanted to make jewelry.  I love making beautiful jewelry.  I love the creative process.  I love the way my hands know what to do.  I love having a tangible result at the end of the day.


So– I leave you with a picture of some pieces I made today for the love of hand making silver and gold jewlery.  They’re not quite done yet.  I know the right people will claim them when they’re done and the time is right– perhaps at the NewCAJE6 Conference, or Art on the Square in Redwood City CA next week, or the Celebration of Craftswomen this November?  Who knows!  I’ve stopped trying to figure out how and who– and just stay present– stay in the joy and freedom of the moments I have on this earth to create and adorn.

















These pieces are sterling silver, 22K gold and aquamarine and citrine.


Sending Much Love.





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