Art and Empowerment: Aimee Golant At the Celebration of Craftswomen

“Crafting and artistry makes the world go round,” expresses Aimee Golant, a San Francisco Jewish artist who, in her work, seeks to highlight the common “oneness” in humanity. This will be her second year in the Women’s Building annual Celebration of Craftswomen: an event that, through the community of craftspeople, helps transform the lives of women.


In browsing the beautiful wares of over 150 notable – all female – artists, the fair-goer simultaneously supports female-empowering social services programs. 100% of the the attendance fee directly funds The Women’s Building’s services that empower, educate, and foster community between disadvantaged women and girls.


The distinctively femme-centric and socially-impacting significance of the Celebration of Craftswomen is what excites and inspires Golant to join the team of artists for the craft festival this year. With her participation in initiatives such as the Women’s Torah Project, the first collaborative women’s effort to scribe the holy text of the Torah and create an ornamented case for the scroll, Golant is all about equalizing the playing field and enabling women to follow their dreams.


Aside from this unique commission from the Women’s Torah Project to craft the crowns for the Torah [see image], Golant has also created the Upstanding Women Mezuzah. Albeit a Jewish ritual object, the Upstanding Women Mezuzah is at the same time accessible as a piece that honors the women who maintain their strength in the face of adversity. 10% of all sales for this mezuzah go toward Sharsheret, the Jewish Women’s Breast Cancer organization. This aspect of sharing and empowering others is what makes Golant’s work spiritually enriching for her.


Symbiotic in their love of art and in their dedication to create greater harmony in the lives of women, the Celebration of Craftswomen and Aimee Golant go hand-in-hand. Make the trek out to Fort Mason and support women’s community and leadership through the gift of art that comes from the heart.
To learn more, watch the video (Aimee is in it too!):


The Women’s Building Festival Celebration of Craftswomen runs November 9, 10 and 11 at Hearbst Pavillion, San Francisco. 

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