The Brandeis School of San Francisco’s Custom Gifts

This year marked a new beginning for Brandeis,  as this school became independent from the Marin campus of Brandeis Hillel Day School.  The school’s name changed, as did the logo and branding.  Brandeis gives a gift to the families who are graduating and to the outgoing board president.  As a Brandeis parent and local artist, I was honored to work with Dr. Dan Glass, head of school to design these new pieces.

According to Dr. Glass, “We wanted to create two pieces that would truly represent our school, as parting gifts to families and our outgoing board chair. Getting to work with Aimee in doing so was a gift in itself—how many school communities have metal artists who specialize in sacred objects among their parent body?! With the Brandeis B mezuzah, our hope was to connect our graduates’ homes with their home here at school, a reminder of how our many shared voices and lives together weave the fabric of the Brandeis community. The tzedakah box is about commemorating the exceptional service of a board leader, and so we wanted to go to the root of service, the biblical injunction tzedek tzedek tirdof, justice justice shall you pursue.”

Here’s the drawing of the Brandeis ‘B’ Mezuzah

Here’s the finished piece:

Here’s an image of the ‘B’ Tzedakah Box.  The back says ‘Justice Justice Shall You Pursue’.

Thank you Brandeis School of San Francisco for giving me the opportunity to make these lovely gifts!

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