Private Lessons

Do you want to make something special in metal?

Is there a one-of-a-kind talisman you’d love to make?

Do you need a precious heirloom or gift and you want to do it yourself?

I’ve been guiding students in metal ages 12 and up for over a decade. We have made some incredible work– from wedding rings to ritual art objects and more. Selected students can learn many metalsmithing techniques through directed exercises and long-term projects. Some techniques covered include: annealing, texture, cutting with a jeweler’s saw, silver soldering, cutting dies and using a press, forming, riveting, basic stone setting, 3 dimensional forms– like boxes, clasps and hinges, roll printing, basic forging, filing, polishing and patina. To set up an appointment to work one-on-one with me just call 415-533-2433 or email me. ?

My full, rested and undivided attention, with studio clean, prepped and ready, copper, brass, solder, flux tools and creative ideas provided. $75.00 per hour.

Silver is available for sale at $1.50 per gram.???? Call 415-533-2433 or email [email protected] to reserve.

Please refer to the Private Commissions section if you would like something custom made.