Jewish Wedding Gifts

The Talmud, a formative text of Jewish philosophy and tradition, views marriage as a distinctly spiritual experience that marks the coming together of two souls. At a Jewish wedding ceremony we literally say: “You are holy to me.”  To connect your entire being to the one you love, and to the long-standing “soul” of the Jewish people, is without a doubt a defining moment in one’s life. 

How do we, friends or family of those spiritually dedicating their lives to one another, show our support to the continued happiness of the newly married? Giving a Jewish wedding gift can serve as a lasting gesture of care for the couple. Handmade pieces like my Lotus Flower Shabbat Candle Holders, and Shalom Bayit Mezuzah are meaningful ways of imparting peace and good will into a spiritual home. Ritual objects such as my Rebirth Seder Plate can be an irreplaceable family heirloom for a couple who appreciates art, loves Jewish customs and plans on upholding some of the tradition in their own way.My jewelry items, such as the Spiritual Heart Star of David Mandala Necklace Love You Forever Small Circle Necklace, and the are sweet and personal pieces that a bride can enjoy on many future occasions. 

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