Creating the first draft crowns

Hello Everybody,

Last week I began making cardboard mock-ups of the Torah Crown you all helped fund on the Kickstarter.  Here are some pictures of the process:
































Initial sketch gives me a shape to work around.



First piece is finished.  Now I’m starting on the second piece.  This cut-out will guide me as I shape the outer edge.



This image shows how I use strips of cardboard to make the outer shape of the mock-up.


































The mock-ups are finished.  I love them!  If they are the right size, I will take them apart and use these actual pieces as a pattern for cutting the copper.  Now I’ll bring them over to Congregation Beth Israel Judea in San Francisco to see how they fit on a real Torah.  (This is the one that they will lend me for future exhibits.)

Here they are on top of a real Torah.  They are way to wide!  I took some more measurements and will be back with a new cardboard set as soon as possible.  In the meantime, I’m glad I get to keep this cardboard version intact to admire.

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