Progress Report: Art for Prayer and Peace a Bridge to Oneness

Hi Everybody,

Work on the Oneness Project has been coming along splendidly.  I have made a second cardboard mock-up of the Japanese Shin Torah Crown and tested it on 3 Torahs.  It fits great! So, I was able to purchase the copper sheet and gold leaf.  I’ll start the copper work soon– and will hopefully be posting some videos of that.  In the meantime, here’s how everything looks:

























I am also currently applying for Fiscal Sponsorship for the project.  This will allow individuals, foundations and grants to contribute to the project tax deductibly.  I will let you know when that is in place.


Many people have asked me to explain the project in depth and wondered how they could be involved.  They have also requested that I have a speaking engagement in San Francisco that is easily accessible from public transportation.  I am happy to say that we are making this happen!  Please save the date for the next event surrounding the Oneness Project.  I am very excited about this one– please bring friends!






































Finally, I would just like to thank again all of my friends, family, customers. clients,  His Holiness Pope Francis and His Holiness the Dalai Lama for sending their undying support, prayers and blessings for this project.  With your support, I know this project will make great headway towards bringing more peace and understanding in the world!  Thank you!
Much Love,

PS:  If you don’t live in the Bay Area (or even if you do) and you would like me to be a speaker about this project for an event here’s some more information:  Feel free to call or email me with further questions.

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