Ramah Darom Mezuzah – ‘Receiving Light’

I have had a wonderful time creating these mezuzot for Camp Ramah Darom.  Please click here for more information about their mission and this design.  For those of you wondering how this piece was created– here are some pictures of the process.  Enjoy!

















Once the initial design was approved, I pressed out the domed shape and began cutting the shape of the Mountains/Waterfall and Sunrise/Sunset.



One the details of the design were cut out and soldered. I began to create the frame around the piece.  The frame will help create the space needed to hold the mezuzah scroll.










































Here’s how it looks with the frame completed, nail holes ready and the scroll showing through the window.  It’s almost done.



































The two part master in copper and brass is completed!



















Here are the handmade pewter replicas ready to get shipped off to Ramah Darom.



I am as grateful as ever to have received this important commission.  I pray that my artwork will bring meaning and value to the ‘everyday’ teaching of the mezuzah.  It is a great honor to do this work in general.  I am thrilled to have taken part in creating sacred space for Ramah Darom.
If you are interested in doing sacred art together in the form of a custom commissioned piece, please refer to the commission section of my website for some general guidelines.  And, by all means– give me a call 415-533-2433.


With Love,









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