Shin Torah Crown – Progress is good!

Hi Everybody,

After an almost two month break, I got back to work on the Shin Torah Crown.  It took a few days, and at some points two torches, but I managed to get those suckers soldered!  This four part hollow form is one of the most technically challenging pieces I’ve ever made.  I’ve loved every minute of it.  Here’s a few photos of the process.























My husband David Casella suggested we fire up the propane “Turbo Torch.”  That turned out to be an excellent choice!  Believe it or not– I sang to them while I was soldering– part of an old Eagle’s song popped in my head.  Can you guess which one?  It really worked! 🙂
























I was finally ready to solder on the top piece– completing this half of the Torah Crown solder job!

Once I got them back to my workbench– I started the grinding process.  It’s messy and noisy.  I’ve been using ear plugs!  But they’re magnificent and I am so happy!
























One of the last things I did before taking a break for the weekend was check to make sure that they are level.  Guess what?!  They are!


Next up will be more grinding, and sanding to get the solder lumps off and create a smooth surface.  Then I will form the copper further using mallets and hammers.  Finally I will apply the gold leaf.  Stay tuned for more progress!

Thank you all so much for your support!  Creating this is such a wonderful dream for me.  I can’t wait to see where it takes me and Torah! PEACE ON EARTH!!!


With Love Always,


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