The Miracles of Hanukkah and Beyond

Do you believe in miracles?  The word Hanukkah means dedication. It refers to the rededication of the temple after a miraculous victory the outnumbered Maccabees had over the Greek army.  This meant that the unique rhythm of Jewish life would be able to continue– without this, Jewish existence was in jeopardy.  The second miracle was how the small amount of oil in the temple that was almost destroyed lasted eight nights, rather than one.  This miracle of the oil lasting eight nights allowed enough time to prepare a fresh supply of oil for the menorah to continue to burn brightly.  That’s why Jewish folks light candles for the eight nights of Hanukkah, and eat delicious foods fried in oil.

During this time of year, many religions honor light with holidays such as Diwali, Christmas and Kwanzaa.  The significance of light in these festivities is not just visual, but it shines through from from the warmth of generosity, mutual respect and understanding.  Eid takes place, which is a month long Islamic tradition, not unlike Ramadan where devoted people fast during daylight and gather to feast every night for a month.

In the spirit of interfaith understanding, the Lotus Flower Menorah (which is used during the 8 nights of Hanukkah) is uniquely spiritual. In Hindu and Buddhism the lotus flower is symbolic of purity and enlightenment, mixing these traditions creates a perfect example of God’s miracles across different spiritual teachings.

Lotus Flower

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