Tu B’Shevat – NOT TRUMP!
Why not take a walk outside tonight rather than watch the State of the Union Address? Join me in celebrating what grounds us and brings true gratitude to life. Open your heart to our responsibility to take care of the earth. These are some of the things that this holiday reminds us to do. Anyone can celebrate:
starts Tuesday, January 30 at sundown (tonight)
ends sundown on Wednesday, January 31
(With Super Blue Red Moon as an encore)
Traditionally, part of the celebration includes eating fruits from some of the seven species mentioned in the Torah: wheat (kindness), barley (restraint), grapes (beauty), figs (endurance), pomegranates (gratitude), olives (foundation) and dates (healing.) Eating the seven species in a conscious way can promote the wellbeing of humankind.
Taking care of the earth also means supporting environmental legislation, not buying into our current political spectacle, by donating to our National Parks, or supporting local businesses that are envisioning and creating a future in which you want to live.

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