Make Your Own Mezuzah Workshop

Whether you are a beginner or experienced metalsmith this project is spiritual, fun and fulfilling!  We offer workshops for kids, teens, and adults.  This workshop takes place in our San Francisco metal arts studio in the Oceanview District.

To sign up, check availability or for questions, call Aimee at 415-533-2433 or email [email protected]

Brandeis Kids Workshop on March 13, 2018  9am-3 pm
$150 each. Limit 6 children. 3rd Grade and up.
*Please note, your kids must have a desire to learn metalwork and an interest in Jewish teachings before signing up.

BIJ Sisterhood Workshop on April 8, 2018  2- 5pm
with wine and cheese reception   $150 each

Along with learning all about the tradition and meaning of the mezuzah,  you’ll learn how and why we use heat:


Next you’ll trace and stamp where the copper will be formed to shape


Then you’ll trim, file, sand, drill and finish the front and back of the mezuzah.


Minimum 3 hours per class with 3 students per class.  Up to 6 students maximum.   Use of tools, copper sheet metal, and a paper scroll are included.  Sterling silver sheet is $1.50 per gram, subject to availability.  Pre-order sheet silver within one week before workshop.   Kosher scrolls are available for sale $45.   24 hour cancellation policy.   Pre-register by sending a check to Aimee Golant, 3931 Alemany Blvd, STE 2003-136, SF, CA 94132, or send a PayPal payment to [email protected]  Class fees must be paid by the workshop date.  Sign ups end one week before class starts.  Classes must fill in order to run.  For day-long kids workshops, bring lunch and snack.  There are outdoor and indoor play spaces as well.  Contact Aimee for information for fundraising ideas for your synagogue with this workshop and a wine and cheese reception included.

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