Aimee’s Judaica: Make Great Gifts from the State of Israel

The Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest selected two special pieces of my artwork— the Justice Tzedakah Box in Bronze Plate and the Justice and Protection Mezuzah to honor two pillars from the Bay Area Jewish community for their support of the State of Israel.  The celebration held on April 24, 2108 in honor of Israel’s 70th Anniversary included a ceremony recognizing the contributions of Naomi Lauter in her memory and to living veteran Fred Levinson.


Each item had custom engraving to commemorate the honorees

Dana Blecher from the consulate chose my Justice Tzedakah Box in bronze “because I needed a gift that would do justice to Naomi Lauter’s indefatigable philanthropic work and dedication to the State of Israel.  Lauter was a great altruist and we wanted to honor her memory as a stalwart in our community — a Tzedakah Box is appropriate.  Her son will be accepting this gift in her honor.”   According to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Naomi Lauter was “an inspiring force in our community for civil rights, justice and meeting the needs of all people. As a pillar of the San Francisco Jewish community, she worked tirelessly to uphold and enhance the strong U.S.-Israel relationship not just in California but around the country.”    I am so honored that my piece will be given in honor of such an important person in our community.

Naomi Lauter with then-Senator Barack Obama at the 2008 AIPAC Policy Conference

Sam Lauter accepting the Justice Tzedakah Box in honor of his mother

Fred Levinson was given the Justice and Protection Mezuzah.  “Fred risked everything to stand up and fight for Israel’s statehood.  We wanted to give him a piece of art that he will treasure for years to come in honor of his incredible personal service and sacrifice to the State of Israel.” Blecher stated. In 1948, Fred Levinson was nineteen years old and in college at the University of Oklahoma when the State of Israel was founded. He had already served in the Military Police of the 7th Division stationed in Korea.  Shortly after the State of Israel was recognized, with a combination of commitment to the state of Israel, a deep reaction to the Holocaust and a desire to live a life of action to stand up for his ideals, Fred and his younger brother Mort decided to volunteer to the Israeli armed forces.  According to Levinson, the whole experience was one of the highlights of my life.  It was an opportunity for just ordinary people like us to do something significant.”

 Fred Levinson accepting the Justice and Protection Mezuzah





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