Handmade Copper Luminaria – large



Each one of these copper light fixtures is custom made to order. The spiral design pictured here is our standard design, but each piece will vary at least a little.  The inside is spray sealed to keep the copper bright and reflective.  The outside can be spray sealed or left bare, so that the copper will change color with the environment.  Please allow 4 -6 weeks for delivery for this fixture.   The dimensions are approximately 19.5″ tall x 6.75″ wide x 4.25″ deep but may vary slightly.   If you would like to customize the pattern, size, or shape. please contact me directly at 415-682-7128 or [email protected].   These copper pieces can be used as a housing for a large candle, or fitted with electrical fixtures by your contractor.  All sales are final.  Some additional shipping charges may apply.


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