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A Protest for Two-States is a Peaceful Protest

WHAT IS PEACEFUL, AND WHAT ISN’T? The “peaceful protesters” — students, teachers and administrators, at American Universities and High Schools are attacking, intimidating, mocking, harassing,  and endangering Jewish students lives– just for being Jewish.  Protesting the actions of Netanyahu’s racist government including the disregard for Palestinian civilian life and the illegal settlements, is not Antisemitic– it is warranted. Denying Israel’s…

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Ukraine:  How you can help

Ukraine: How you can help

For those of us who wish for peace and environmental health in the world, news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is crushing.  The people of the world have been through so much these last two years.  What gives Putin the right to drive his forces into peaceful cities and destroy the lives of innocent people?  With my background as…

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