For those of us who wish for peace and environmental health in the world, news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is crushing.  The people of the world have been through so much these last two years.  What gives Putin the right to drive his forces into peaceful cities and destroy the lives of innocent people?  With my background as a granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, you would think this wouldn’t be shocking.  But it is.  And, as it turns out, the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky is Jewish and descended from Holocaust Survivors– a fact I did not know until this atrocious war.

I put this post out there as a resource to anyone looking to support Democracy, Jewish organizations, and the people of Ukraine.  I realize there are many charities out there, but for the focus of this blog– I am listing mostly Jewish organizations.  I am open to sharing others.  Special thanks to Jackie Shelton and the members of the “Hardly Strictly Jewish Women’s Group” for compiling this list.  Feel free to send more resources, I will update here.  I hope it helps:

The Joint Distribution Committee/Ukrainian Emergency Campaign


The SF Jewish Community Federation Ukraine Emergency Fund


National Flower of Ukraine is the Sunflower.

With prayers for peace,

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