Art for Inspired Living

Judaism can be a mindset, a way of life that stems from the very human desire for spirituality. My cousin understood this as we spoke about Jewish values and my work during one of our hikes. I’m always searching for more ways to share the gifts that Judaism has to offer, its values and traditions, to anyone of any religious background who may resonate with these spiritual sentiments.

It was my cousin’s idea to come up with the plaques that make up the Art for Inspired Living series. We discussed the spiritual spaces of rooms in a house and how Jewish teachings may enhance the experience of a home, ultimately deciding to abstract on six themes we liked most in their universality. Rituals of light usher a sense of tranquility into the home while the flame also flickers in remembrance of loved ones. Respect and care for nature is pervasive in Jewish tradition, with our holidays revolving around the cycles of nature and many prayers emphasizing gratitude toward the earth. Tzedakah (“justice”) encourages us to help one another and share our resources with those less fortunate than ourselves. Good health and the gift of life are things we must be thankful for and we send prayers to those who need healing. The practice of prayer is central to Judaism and, through opening ourselves, inspires intentful meditation or centering of the self. Finally, love kindness as a way of being is a culminating theme: every action should be in consideration and kindness toward others. These, I think, are values and practices that can inspire anyone to lead a more spiritual, fulfilling existance. 

After getting inspired through discussing the ideas and sketching the designs, I set out to create the pieces.

Interested in what the creation process looked like? Check out the photos below!


Here I’m using a hand-saw to cut the outline for the Rituals of Light plaque.


Here’s what the Loving Kindness piece looked like once pressed out and before the finishing patina.


These Art for Inspired Living plaques make lovely, spiritual gifts that come from the right place. Not everyone believe in God or follows a religious path, but the sentiments from these pieces encourage a shared spirituality that is at the same time intimate to our ways of life.

Window to the Soul Plaque leading to a restful space.

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