Creating the Crown

Hello everyone,

I’ve been so grateful to have the privilege to make this amazing piece of art– that will bring more understanding and compassion to the world!  This BLOG post is all about the process of making the art.  So expect lots of pictures.  Last I updated you, the paper mock ups fit on the Torah and I had ordered the copper and gold leaf.

Here’s an image of the paper mock ups on the Torah.






























The first step was to create the inner cones that will fit over the Torah’s handles.


























Here’s a close up of the stamped hallmarks located at the bottom of the Torah crowns:





















Once that was done, I was ready to cut the strips of copper that will be bent and formed to create the outer shape of the Japanese “shin” Torah crown:





















After the strips were cut, here’s the frames in the process of being formed:







































Frames are done, but before soldering them to the inner sleeves, I taped them up and brought them to the Torah to test the fit.  Happily, all looks good, so now I can continue….

After the frames were soldered to the inner sleeves, I began the process of hand cutting the copper sheet to fit inside the copper frames.























I had to file after cutting to work on getting the copper sheet to fit in the frame.



















































It fits!

































Here’s where they stand now.  Still lots more to do, but the progress is going great!  Thank you for allowing me to live this creative vision!



































(This is what geeky happiness looks like!)

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