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To My Dear Clients,

Here’s your chance to help create this community of peace with me.  SUPPORT THIS ART BY CLICKING HERE!

Here’s some more information about the project:


Why make this art?

As a granddaughter of Holocaust Survivors, I have dedicated my life to creating a more peaceful world. Metal art objects have become a vehicle for me to share beautiful spiritual teachings that may have remained a mystery to people– regardless of faith background. Allowing these ideas and art objects to reside in space together not only fulfills the core purpose of my life, it will make a positive impact on the world in terms of creating more religious understanding, harmony and peace. This project is at the heart of all my work as an artist. It has more than 10 years of research and design behind it. It is the reason I became an artist in the first place.
How will the funding help?

The funds raised for this project will give me the financial boost I need to buy metal art materials (copper, silver and gold) and pay for time as I create the fine metal work for this exhibition installation. I pledge to finish at least one MAJOR piece with the money, which is the Japanese “Shin” Torah crown– a four part hollow form in copper and gold leaf. If time and money permit, I will then start of the Hebrew Shin Torah Crown and Breast Plate. These pieces are at the center of my inspiration; they are the most evocative to me and some of the most technically advanced pieces I will have ever made. They will be stunning!
Where will the works be shown?
The works will initially be shown at various religious establishments throughout the bay area. As more momentum for the project grows, more pieces will be created and eventually all of the works in the installation will be together in one space. To see the entire exhibition proposal visit:

Here’s what His Holiness The Dalai Lama has to say about this art:

(via Tenzin Sherab – Special Assistant) His Holiness is very pleased to know your about your idea on an art installation known as ‘Art for Prayer and Peace: A Bridge to Oneness.’ His Holiness felt that it has potential for contributing to religious harmony and peace and offers his prayers for its success. Click here to view the letter.

Now is your chance to get in on the ground level and support the creation of this community of peace. Feel free to contact me via email or phone 415-533-2433 if you have questions about the project.

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