Passover: Freedom and Justice For All

Every year before the Passover Seder, my Holocaust survivor grandmother would say,
“Once we were slaves.  Now we are free.  Every day I live is a victory over Nazi brutality.”
As a child this holiday meant so much to me. Today, we continue to honor her and all those who are not free not just by celebrating Passover, but by taking action. Besides donating to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Civil Liberties Union or the Anti-Defamation League, there is an exodus happening in our time. Click here to join the American Jewish World Service in helping Rohingya Crisis this Passover.  You can also support my efforts to bring more spiritual understanding, beauty and peace to the world through Art for Prayer and Peace: A Bridge to Oneness.
This Passover we will be lighting our memorial candle in honor of my grandparents, and all those who cannot be with us. May all of you, celebrating Passover, Easter, and Spring be filled with gratitude for the beauty and wonder of the earth.  Join me in prayer and action for more peace and understanding in the world.
With Love and Gratitude,

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