Living A Creative Vision Workshop

After more than 20 years of living life as a working artist, I have learned so much.  I have created a workshop specifically designed to help other artists make their way through life and figure out how to best support themselves.  This class is meant to inspire creatives to do what is necessary to create a life worth living.  It is not my aim to be a life or business coach, but I do give referrals for people if they are looking to continue to deepen their art business life after the class.

I was asked to teach this course recently at the San Francisco Public Library.  I loved the experience, because I got to meet a diverse group of people, all open to learning and broadening their knowledge of business practices for artists.  Everyone was engaged and stayed for the entire class. The lecture was about three hours long including a short break.  If I were to teach a full day, there would be time for students to do a guided meditation, do some writing exercises, and break out into groups to speak about their vision and learn more about one another.

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