A Jewish Overview

I love sharing what I understand about the Jewish traditions through my art. You will see in the following pages that I delve deep into some beliefs and traditions and am a bit lighter on others. It is my goal to share the Universal aspects of Judaism from my perspective. Not everyone approaches Judaism in this way. Nevertheless, the beauty of Judaism is that there is no right or wrong approach. To learn more about my approach to Judaism, please visit the vision section of this website. I hope these pages are clear and helpful to you. If I can answer any questions on this, please email me.

This image shows the Door to the Soul Mezuzah with Shaddai window– with its door open.  It was orginally a private commission that is now available for sale in my line.  If you are interested in commissioning one-of-a-kind or limited edtion work, please visit the Private Commissions section for more information, and contact me for a free consultation.