The Torah

Most people think the Torah is the sacred text of the first five books of Moses, that has been preserved for thousands of years, written down in Hebrew by a specially trained Torah scribe.

And, it is.

BUT– what you may not know is that the Torah scroll written in Hebrew (which is called a sefer Torah) does not contain any vowels or punctuation.

Torah is always sung.  It is one long song.  A portion is chanted each week for a year, then it is rolled back to the beginning and started again.

Because of the ambiguity in the way the Hebrew is written the stories or lessons learned from studying it are open for interpretation.

That makes the sefer Torah dynamic, even in its carefully preserved state.  In addition, beyond just sound, each Hebrew letter is said to have four layers of meaning.

Living with the vibration of  Torah means learning to live with change and uncertainty.

Image above, Bronze Aliyah Torah Place Holder