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Priestly Blessing Bracelets are Here!

About 6 months ago I was inspired by a series of dreams to make these Priestly Blessing Bracelets.  Click here to read about the inspiration.  After lots of hard work, they are finally ready to order.  You can purchase the Priestly Blessing Bracelets online now.  They are fully customizable, meaning, you can special order what type of metal you would…

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How to embody Jewish History in Art? Barbed Wire Mezuzah….

Thanks to the Jewish Student Satellite Initiative , I will answer this question!  Tomorrow’s conversation will be with a teen group formed to create Jewish education experiences that are tangible and integrated with science and art.  I will share the story of the Barbed Wire Mezuzah, which was selected to  travel into space with the first Israeli Astronaut,  Ilan Ramon.  I…

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Reform Jewish Community United for Immigrant Justice

Shabbat Shalom everyone! According to Rabbi Gottlieb of Congregation Beth Israel Judea Immigration Reform is echoed in this week’s Torah portion: Shabbat Mattot-Masei  This week we read from the final portion of the Book of Numbers, which includes a description of the cities of refuge, to which a person could flee from vengeance which would otherwise be enacted against him.…

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Priestly Blessing Bracelets for Jewish Wonder Woman(men)

On March 9, 2019, I was taken by a vivid dream.  A client wanted the Priestly Blessing inscribed and concealed inside a plain silver cuff for his daughter.  When I awoke, “A Sabbath Prayer” from Fiddler on the Roof was ringing in my ears.  I couldn’t fall back asleep.   I am descended from the “Kohainim” and could administer the…

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Make Your Own Mezuzah Workshops Coming Up!

  As 2019 moves along,  I’ve got two new class offerings on the horizon.  These workshops coincide with the Jewish Holiday of Shavuot, which celebrates the receiving of the Torah.  Join me! June 9th 2019  1 – 4 pm – for Adults Co-Sponsored By Congregation Beth Israel Judea Shavuot Make Your Own Mezuzah Workshop General Information Register online June 10th,…

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Jewish Life at Duke Custom Gift

One-of-a-Kind Shin Tree of Life Plaque In honor of Larry Moneta from the Jewish Life at Duke Advisory Board 8″ x 9″ x 1″  Copper, Brass, Peroba 2019 The Jewish Life at Duke Advisory Board commissioned this artistic plaque for Larry Moneta, who has given an inordinate amount of his time, energy and resources to Jewish Life at Duke University.…

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Living A Creative Vision Workshop

After more than 20 years of living life as a working artist, I have learned so much.  I have created a workshop specifically designed to help other artists make their way through life and figure out how to best support themselves.  This class is meant to inspire creatives to do what is necessary to create a life worth living.  It…

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Art therapy for you and me: New one-of-a-kind pendants

Will custom, beautiful, meaningful jewelry make a difference in your day?  Will it bring you warm feelings of support and love from a kindred spirit?  Will it bring healing to you to know that you have supported the unique hand made work of a local metal artist?  My goal in creating these pieces, is to create connections through beauty that…

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Vote, Give, Receive….

Use Coupon Code: ‘ivoted’ now through Tuesday, November 6, 2018 and I will donate 18% of gross online sales to the terror victims of Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh Shop Tree of Life Now more than ever, your help is needed for: “Art for Prayer and Peace: A Bridge to Oneness“! This work brings Judaism to a wider audience. Your next…

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