Women in Kinship began to manifest for me around early-January when San Francisco passed a resolution calling for a “sustained ceasefire” in the conflict between Gaza and Israel.  The City Council meeting was full of people spewing antisemitic slurs and using hateful and intimidating tactics to scare those who attended to defend Israel.   When people call for a ceasefire without acknowledging the hostages, or the mass rape, mutilation and murder of Israelis, these resolutions quickly slide into antisemitism.  One friend of mine– upon finishing his remarks at the hearing said “Rape is not Resistance.”

I am conflicted about making anything new post October 7th.  I just can’t stand what is going on there!  But– the remarks “rape is not resistance” and the ways that women here in the US are having their reproductive rights stripped from them– makes my blood boil.  The design came to me in a flash and would not leave me alone– like a constant slide show in my head.  So, I decided to begin to explore the idea in metal– and several weeks later– the copper master was completed:

After much deliberation– talking with friends and family, I chose the name “Women in Kinship” for the necklace.   Kinship is deeper than friendship– it’s blood.

This unique, handmade, special edition necklace is now on sale.– you can shop Women in Kinship here.

In kinship with all women, your purchase empowers women in crisis.

By wearing this necklace, you are saying no to sexual violence as a weapon of war. You are taking ownership of your body and women’s choices regarding their bodies, rejecting those who seek to violate you and other women in this way. You are declaring kinship with all people who want peace and share compassion.

Its design was inspired by the horrific use of mass rape, mutilation and murder by Hamas during the attack on Israeli women on October 7th, 2023. In every place Hamas attacked, they proudly used sexual violence as a weapon of war. Not enough people spoke out about the devastating inhumanity that was there for all to see.

The sterling silver shape and the focal garnet set in 22K gold are symbolic of women’s sacred space. The necklace is dedicated to all people who have experienced sexual violence.

50% Net Proceeds will be split between the Association of  Rape Crisis Centers in Israel and the Tel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center. Your gift, to yourself or a loved one, continues to give to others.   Each piece is hand made. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


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