A Prayer: I’m calling!

Call it the messiah, G-d (Shaddai), call it Aliens, call it Psilocybin, call it Ohm, call it the Sounds of the Oceans and the Seas, call it Allah, call it the Arranger of the Clouds and the Cosmos, or the Colors of the Sunrise and Sunset. Call it a good night’s Sleep. Call it the River of Tears. Call it the Warmth of the Sun. Call it what you will. Or don’t call it at all, for it is Nameless.

Whatever Source we all have: emotionally, intellectually, physically, interpersonally, and universally, come over and captivate we humans into Peace: and the deepest possible Compassion— Kindness and Cooperation.

Please— Share Yourself with us and through us. Do Your work! We will do ours.

Heneini: I’m here to receive you. I want to see the way. We all are here whether or not we care, or believe, or hate, or love. We all need Your help.

I’m calling! Bring us to righteous Justice, Oneness and true Equality among All Creatures. Please do so Miraculously Gently and with the Strength I Imagine, Truth, and unfathomable Wisdom and deep, deep Love. Please?

You’ve been so Forgiving, resilient— and We so damaging. Let us humans Hear You. Let me Hear You! Let us Repair and Restore You. Let us Shine our Love-Light onto You as your reflection and be your truest partner. Let us live up to You.


With Love,

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