Brandeis School of San Francisco Gives Gifts of Aimee Golant Mezuzahs

As a member of a wider Jewish community I often hear of people who have been given a gift of my artwork. I am always thrilled and honored to hear about my mezuzah on someone’s doorpost, or how someone loves lighting ritual candles with one of my creative candle holders for a special holiday or memorial.

Well, last week I was honored to be asked to create gifts for all of the families graduating from Brandeis School of San Francisco. I was super excited, but not too surprised to get the call since my son Kaleb is an enthusiastic student at Brandeis, finishing up his 1st grade year. Anyway, since the recent split with the Marin Campus, there was no time to design a custom piece. So this year, they went with a mezuzah in my existing collection of mezuzot. The ‘Shine’ mezuzah was chosen because it is the most modern yet traditional in design and would be sure to appeal to the widest possible Jewish audience.


I often get the question with pieces in my ‘production line’ did you MAKE that? The answer is, yes– I made the master (original) out of copper. Then I have a mold made and each piece is individually cast and finished in a shop in Northern California. Once the finished pewter art reaches me, I put in scrolls, add tags and information with each piece. Items that are cast in bronze, silver and gold get finished here in our studio. (We don’t do the finishing in pewter, because of its low melting tempurature. It can melt on the high tempurature metals, causing pits.) Anyway, this is how we’re able to produce limited production items in a relatively short amount of time. Here’s the Brandeis School order:



I hand engraved each one with ‘Brandeis 2016’ on the side and included ‘The Mezuzah Booklet’ which I wrote all about the tradition of the mezuzah, and an informational tag with nails to affix the mezuzah.



What an honor to be the artist to create these meaningful and beautiful gifts. Please inquire at [email protected] or 415-533-2433, for bulk gifts, custom work and engraving. I would be so happy to help!

With Much Love,

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