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Jewish Jewelry for a Diverse Audience

Some people might think that creating Jewish jewelry is exclusionary and that such pieces are only appropriate for Jewish people to adorn themselves with. “Oh, I see: this is Jewish, right?” I sometimes get from passerbys at art fairs and festivals who then, scrunching their noses, feel uncertain about engaging in symbols not immediately familiar to them. Yes, my jewelry…

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ACC Show — Big Success

Hi All, Thank you so much for your support at the 2016 San Francisco American Crafts Council Show. The last time I did the ACC show was about 12 years ago– it had been so long, I did not know what to expect. I met lots of wonderful new people– made about 38 sales in all– and had nice visits…

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Colombia: A Spiritual Adventure – Part Six

As we entered the Pueblto area Lorenzo showed me a carving of an Indian Shaman in the stone. He explained that it is traditional to greet this carving and leave a smaller stone on top— in order to ask permission to enter. I was so caught up in the moment of learning about this that I did not actually pick…

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