Custom Mezuzah for The National Museum of American Jewish History

Here is the custom mezuzah I created for the front door of the new building for the National Museum of American Jewish History at Independence Mall in Philadelphia, PA. What an honor! I used the architecture of the building and their logo for my inspiration.  The piece is made of etched fine and sterling silver, copper and terra cotta from the new building.  It is approximately 9″ long.  If you have any questions about the piece, call me at 415-533-2433, or email me at [email protected] .

For those of you who are interested in the process I used to make the piece, here are some images:

Fine silver sheet.  After several hours in Nitric Acid, the etching is complete.

Die formed fine silver with Copper Shin Logo.

Cutting the logo shin out of copper for the front of the mezuzah.
























After cutting the shin.

Pierced window behind shin, building fine silver frame.






















Here’s what the back looked like before inserting the scroll.

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