Resilience in Artistry: New Barbed Wire Pendants

I became an artist because of the deep injustices in the systems of the world towards those who are deemed “other..”  In fact my first mezuzot were a testament to the suffering of my grandparents during the Holocaust.  Before the incident with George Floyd, but in the recent rise of racist and anti-Semitic attacks in the U.S. my father and I got to talking about making a piece of art for the cause.  At first we planned to donate a portion of proceeds to the separated children and families at our border.  Then the pandemic hit and the project got sidelined, as the caster I work with was closed for months.  Now that they have re-opened, I’ve decided to shift the donation to voter participation.  I believe that when we all have access to fair elections, our government will better reflect the diverse views of the majority of our nation.  Stay tuned for purchase links– pendant prices start at $329.  There will also be a small sterling silver lapel pin starting at $110 .   For now, here’s a sneak peek at the new pendant pieces in silver, bronze and gold:

This jewelry is not for a protest.  It IS A PROTEST!


Here’s the Barbed Wire Mezuzah that these pieces were inspired from:


With Love and hope for a renewed future,

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