I’d like to introduce Anousha Mohsenidarabi, our metal arts studio assistant.  Anousha is a soft-spoken, unique individual, and an award-winning artist.  She grew up in a liberal, progressive Muslim family in Mashhad, Iran.  Her family business is custom paint manufacture, where she worked for many years, surrounded by the technicalities of color.  At the University of Azad in Mashhad, Iran, she studied Architecture and earned her BA degree.  Citing a lack of opportunity for female architects, she moved to San Francisco CA in 2018 to pursue her newest passion—jewelry making and silversmithing.

I was introduced to her by the head of the jewelry department at Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2019.  Besides relying on her for her considerable skills at classical-metalsmithing, together we discuss the differences between living in the U.S. vs. Iran, we’ve talked about the complexities of Israel and Palestine, and of course, we discuss Torah, Judaica, Jewish rituals and customs.  She is open to learning about Judaica as she is making it with me.  I am honored to be able to share with her and have dialogue about the place of my work in the world.  We feel as though we’ve created our own microcosm of peace.

Here is an example of her exquisite work:

Anousha Mohsenidarabi, Untitled Rings: Silver, Bronze, Clay, CZ, 2020.

“After every challenging situation, something good comes. The rings represent bravery, hope and light in challenging times.”
To see more of Anousha’s work visit her jewelry Instagram page.

Here’s Anousha with the Hebrew Shin Torah Crowns in copper and silver that she helped create.  These pieces are part of the Art for Prayer and Peace: A Bridge to Oneness installation in progress.


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