This post serves as an update to my blog post from 10/08/23 : Brutal Attack in Israel: No Coverage in the SF Chronicle in which I described the shock that there was no coverage of this important situation– and my letter to the Chronicle:

“I am not writing about something that appeared in your printed Sunday paper this morning. I’m writing about what did not appear in your paper.

Almost 50 years ago to the day of the anniversary of the Yom Kippur war, Israel was brutally attacked in a surprise ambush from the terrorist group Hamas. The recent, well coordinated and heavily subsidized attack took place on what was supposed to be a joyous holiday of Simchat Torah, and on Shabbat. Hundreds have been killed,  hostages have been taken and continued fighting including brutal retaliation has ensued.

It was shocking to see that there was zero coverage of this in the San Francisco Chronicle this morning. I understand that Israel’s politics are complicated, and that many in the liberal left may not agree with Israel’s government. But by not including the news of this brutal attack, The Chronicle is not showing the objectivity that I would expect as a major news outlet in an international city.

The enemies of Israel deny the land as integral part of Judaism, they deny the right of Israel (and its people) to exist, they deny the Holocaust and pose constant threats and lies about our intentions there.

As a granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and a regular reader of The SF Chronicle, I expected more from this newspaper.”


On Monday 10/09/23 I received this response from Harry Mok, assistant editor of the Opinion Section in the SF Chronicle:

HI Aimee,

I understand your concern. You may be unaware that the Chronicle’s print deadlines have changed, and the Sunday edition goes to press on Friday night, so that’s why Saturday’s events didn’t make it.

Harry Mok
Assistant editor, columnist
Opinion section
San Francisco Chronicle

I responded:

From: Aimee G <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, October 9, 2023 11:15 AM
To: Mok, Harry <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: [EXT] Online form submission

Thanks for responding. But this this morning’s front page just had pictures of destruction in Gaza. They did not have the pictures of the kidnapped Jewish children who are in cages, the massacre of 200 people that occurred at the rave, or any of the other destruction in Israel as a result of 3,500 rockets that they fired. ?

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Here was his response:

On Oct 9, 2023, at 11:19 AM, Mok, Harry <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi Aimee,
I’m not privy to the decisions that were made, but I suspect that since we missed the initial news for print, Monday’s stories focused on the second-day events such as the counter attack by Israel.

Harry Mok

Assistant editor, columnist
Opinion section
San Francisco Chronicle

My Response:

From: Aimee G <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, October 9, 2023 12:54 PM
To: Mok, Harry <[email protected]>
Cc: Aimee Golant <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: [EXT] Online form submission

Hi Harry,

Thanks again for your feedback. After my initial shock at the focus of today’s headlines, I read the articles this morning. To your point— I did see where the printed coverage picked up— as you suspected, focusing on the second-day.

However from my perspective, the “net affect” of The SF Chronicle’s coverage is still rather one-sided any day of the week, but especially— considering the level of cruelty and evil on display– with toddlers in cages etc. being considered “yesterday’s news.” The whole situation makes my stomach turn, my heart sink and my head ache. Believe me, I am afraid.

I am also grateful to have the freedom to have this conversation with you, and have your willingness to listen. It would be amazing if the perspective I have shared with you could make a difference in future reporting on the matter. My fingers are crossed, but I am not holding my breath. Thanks again.

All the Best,


At this point– Harry referred me to the Editor-In-Chief,  “Feel free to send feedback to Editor in chief [email protected].”

So, I have written to Emilio Garcia-Ruiz.  He has not responded to me personally, but I will report that today’s front headline in the printed news and the picture was more equally representative “Hostages threatened as Israel Ups Strikes”.  There were many stories inside as well– including a story about the large community gathering in solidarity with Israel at Congregation Sherith Israel, in San Francisco, and the owner of Manny’s restaurant and civic event space being stranded in Israel when war broke out.  There was also a big picture and headline in the Nation and World Section about Holocaust Remembrance Day being observed in Bucharest, because 10/9/41 was when the deportations of Jews began there.

I have to say, I feel it’s possible that this interaction may have made a difference, at least for now.  I hope so, but I’ll keep watching,  just to make sure..

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