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Art and Empowerment: Aimee Golant At the Celebration of Craftswomen

“Crafting and artistry makes the world go round,” expresses Aimee Golant, a San Francisco Jewish artist who, in her work, seeks to highlight the common “oneness” in humanity. This will be her second year in the Women’s Building annual Celebration of Craftswomen: an event that, through the community of craftspeople, helps transform the lives of women.   In browsing the…

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What Makes This Dreidel Different from All other Dreidels?

Game Changer: Aimee Bets on New Spin For The Dreidel: Chanukah – the Jewish festival of lights – is fast-approaching, and San Francisco’s metal artist Aimee Golant innovates on the customs in order to make the holiday more spiritually engaging for all.   A common tradition on Chanukah is to spin the dreidel, the Jewish variation on a top, as…

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Living A Creative Vision

March 21st, 22nd and 23rd, Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz CA will host Aimee Golant for a weekend of art, spiritual living, and encouragement toward one’s personal and professional pursuits. Golant, an award-winning metal-craftswoman of the San Francisco Bay Area, has the grit and passion of a successful self-starter in the art industry. On Friday night, March 21st, she will…

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The Dalai Lama Has Endorsed Aimee’s Oneness Art

On November 7th I sent His Holiness the Dalai Lama a copy of my art installation proposal:  Art for Prayer and Peace: A Bridge to Oneness in the hopes that he would find time to read it, give me feedback and possibly send his endorsement.  It is with immense gratitude that I report that he has endorsed this art work.…

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6 Steps to Commissioning Original, Custom Artworks? for your Home or Public Space from Aimee Golant

To my dear clients–  commissioned work is different than a previously created piece in so many ways. A commissioned piece is a creative partnership between the artist and the client. And, since this process is creative, original, dynamic and involves more in-depth discussions. The costs are greater, but then so is the value. Bear in mind, that what is created…

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My Views On Israel

Dear People, I am sick over this whole situation. I am going to start this post by sharing with you a life changing experience that I have had.  I will then share my opinions and feelings about the hatred towards the Jews and the problems of Israel. I welcome your feedback. Please know, they are my feelings, not meant to…

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Jewish Jewelry for a Diverse Audience

Some people might think that creating Jewish jewelry is exclusionary and that such pieces are only appropriate for Jewish people to adorn themselves with. “Oh, I see: this is Jewish, right?” I sometimes get from passerbys at art fairs and festivals who then, scrunching their noses, feel uncertain about engaging in symbols not immediately familiar to them. Yes, my jewelry…

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