Shin: favorite shape. I see it in nature, Art, everywhere. Spiritually speaking it reminds me of the presence of G-d since the shape looks like Hebrew letter shin— which stands for Shaddai.

Shaddai is one of many ways of referring to G-d in Judaism. It’s both an all encompassing and nurturing version of god. Very powerful, actually. The root of the word Shaddai is shad— which means breast. I link that to heart.

The word Shaddai in Hebrew (shin, dalet, yud) or just the letter shin are pictured on the front of the mezuzah case. The mezuzah itself is a piece of Torah with the inscription from Deuteronomy on it, which commands us to listen or hear— in our hearts— that we are all One and the oneness of G-d. I’ve been making the case for these for over 25 years.

We attach the mezuzah to the doorpost of the home— as an ever present reminder of the presence of god. Of course not everyone believes in god. That’s ok too.  According to our teaching– just to consider the presence of god is enough.

As you are affixing it, you are declaring that this– your home– full of all that you love– is a sanctuary.  Once it’s affixed, it’s like a declaration of your intention as a person– to be kind and to heal the world.  It is also a reminder that we’re all one— and to love God— by living in compassion, and loving-kindness.

A person does not have to Jewish to have a mezuzah, or symbolically use something like it in their homes and in their daily spiritual practice. But whether you are Jewish or not, the tradition must be upheld with the utmost respect and care.

Especially in these times, I know we all misunderstand/hate and hurt each other so much. If only this light the light of Shaddai and the light of the mezuzah—could be of service to us all. But especially to all the innocent human beings that want nothing more than to live well, care for the earth and one another, share and be at peace. May the energy of it wrap us in a blanket of love, peace—warmth, understanding, oneness. Hope.  Amen.

Artist: Alice Koswara

Redwood Forest, Santa Cruz Mountains

Kosher Mezuzah Scroll with Shin-Dalet-Yud

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