Your Mezuzah In Action

                                                                                     From: Corey in San Francisco, California.                                        


My husband David and I were taking a walk in our San Francisco neighborhood, when we serendipitously ran into a customer who recently affixed one of my original mezuzot to his doorpost. Delighted, we stopped to chat and he invited us to see the ‘mezuzah in action.’ As we walked home I realized how rare it is that I get to see and understand the sacred spaces of my cherished customers and clients. Connecting with you and hearing your heartfelt stories is what inspires me to fulfill your spiritual wants and needs through this metal art.

So, I got to thinking….

Wouldn’t it be great if — you — my dear clients, friends, and family were to send me a JPEG of your “Aimee Golant” ‘Mezuzah In Action’ along with your name, city, state and a brief statement as to why the piece is meaningful for you? Happily over 45 images were submitted in one weeks’ time. You can view some of them in the special blog post here.

But, it’s not over….

If you send me an image of your ‘Mezuzah in Action’ I can feature it on the blog and on product pages of my website to give other people a chance to see what the pieces look like affixed to a doorpost. I would be so grateful!

To participate, send your image to [email protected] with ‘Mezuzah in Action’ in the subject line. (Image size: minimum 1000 x 1000 pixels 72 dpi. Most smartphone snapshots sent without resizing will work!)

Thank you all for your support and inspiration!